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Often you need to make a copy of an id (driver's license, residence card etc..) when submitting paperwork in Japan. The usual way to do this is to visit the local 7-11 and use their industrial printer/copier for around ¥10. The results are nice where it scans front and back and the prints it on the same side nicely centered like the pictured.

Example output from these print settings

I figured out the settings to replicate this using my document scanner (Snapscan iX500) and my laser printer.

  1. Scan both sides of your id. If using a document scanner like the Snapscan, you must scan your id horizontally, otherwise it will blur as it goes through the document scanner.
  2. Select the front and back jpg files and open them with Preview.
  3. Reorder (if necessary) the photos in Preview by selecting View -> Thumbnails and dragging the front id to the top. Rotate the photos horizontal if not.
  4. Print with the following settings
    1. Paper mode: Portrait (vertical)
    2. Layout: Pages per sheet -> 2
    3. Scale: 150%