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ImageXY is a batch image resizer for OS X. It was featured on the cover of MacWorld magazine in October 2011.

It was designed and developed by James Van Dyne & Jacob Wyke in 2011 and sold 4.28k copies.

AppStore Description[edit]

Have you ever tried to upload or email a photo only to have it rejected or timeout as it’s too large? Have you ever been frustrated at how long it takes to upload a photo directly from your camera? Have you ever gone through and manually resized all those vacation snaps one by one? If so, ImageXY is for you.

ImageXY allows you to resize all your photos quickly and easily with the click of a button. Drag & drop your images directly into ImageXY from wherever you keep them and select how you want them resized…it’s that simple.

Yes you can![edit]

  • Can I resize jpg, gif, png, psd, tiff, bmp and pdf’s?
  • Can I resize 100’s of photos at once?
  • Can I create my own presets for certain image sizes?
  • Can I set the jpg quality to reduce file size?
  • Can I scale photos to a certain %?
  • Can I convert images to different image formats?
  • Can I resize 1,000’s of photos at once?
  • Can I drag photos directly in from iPhoto?
  • Can I resize images directly from the internet?
  • Can I resize images so I can quickly email them?
  • Can I drag in a folder and have it magically find all the images within it?
  • Can my Mom use ImageXY to resize photos without having to call me for help?
  • Can I resize 10,000’s of photos at once?
  • Can I use ImageXY blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back?

The answer to all these questions is YES!!!

Sharing is loving[edit]

Why not give ImageXY as a gift to your family and friends so they never again have to suffer trying to email or upload photos that are too big. We love your feedback

Please email us or tweet (@imagexy) with any questions or issues you may have – we are always happy to help.


Covered in MacWorld Magazine:ImageXY makes resizing images quick and easy

Recommended by MG Siegler

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Screenshots of ImageXY[edit]

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Import Images ImageXY.png